Reopening all educational institutes, bringing the Indian Education system back on track

Reopening all educational institutes, bringing the Indian Education system back on track

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Hello everyone, I,Anonymous (cool name ain't), am a student of one of the best engineering colleges in the country (not flexing). Yes, that college you are thinking of.

 Hope to find you in good health, have enough food on your table and your source of income retained. However things are not the same for the students. Well, this is not another depressive thought train of a pre-adult stuck in a computer screen, gazing over the presentation of his/her teacher. (Note, in no way I intend to say depressive thoughts in this pandemic aren't real, they absolutely are; but for a moment let's keep that aside and talk about something equally important but less spoken about.)

We all must have felt so proud when recently an Indian-origin, that too from the group of the most prestigious colleges, became the CEO of a top tech company. But as a student of the same premiere institute, I, on behalf of many out here feel sorry to say that most probably we will not be able to meet your expectations in near future.....most probably.

We are students, 'they' say we are going to build the country. That sounds pretty unlikely - at least when everything is open out there...from malls to bars, from stadiums to rallies and the 'workshops' to build the dream future-the schools, the colleges and all other higher institutions like ours are staying closed-partially or fully. Probably at this time we must agree to the fact that Education stands no chance in comparison to entertainment, rallies, elections etc. Shouldn't we?

I just hope that dark time hasn't still arrived. Please don't let me or anyone else make you believe the fact that keeping educational institutions closed and chilling will make real progress.

Please help me to fill out this petition to urge the authorities- at the institutional as well as administrative levels to actually think of bringing the affected education system back on track by opening all educational institutions fully asap. Please cast your opinion as a responsible citizen of the country and if we are still sitting relaxed, may be we must start imagine throwing our children in the jaws of darkness.

765 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!