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We, the under signed, humbly request the government of Andhra Pradesh to give Hindu Temples and other institutions the same privileges that are accorded to Churches and Mosques. We also request the government of AP to disclose all the assets owned by the Hindu temples since the passage of Endowment Act, and handover the illegally occupied lands back to the temples.

Over the years we have observed the government of Andhra Pradesh selling and / or auctioning the Hindu Temple lands, diverting substantial Temple resources to general funds, allowing people to encroach the Hindu Temple lands, planning to take over Mutts, ashram and other foundations, taking decisions contrary to the Hindu scriptures and the traditions in the operation of the Temples, and attempting to convert Temple lands into public property. We request the government to take appropriate actions to make Hindu Temples, lands and resources free from government control and make them as independent as other religious institutions in AP. We strongly feel that this can be accomplished by repealing or abolishing the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act entrusting the Hindus to manage their Temples. No special privileges are being requested, only equal rights as per secular values of the constitution.   We are sincerely appealing the elected officials of AP to give Hindus the same rights and privileges as soon as possible to manage their Hindu Temples and Mutts that were accorded to Christians and Moslems. Thank you for your time and consideration. Thank you.