Show "Unplanned" at Cineplex Medicine Hat

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Recently there has been a lot of pressure on movie theatres in Canada to not show viewings of the Pro-life movie called "Unplanned". Even the current Canadian liberal government has tried to hinder it from being shown in privately owned businesses throughout the country.

Cineplex has said In a recent Twitter post that:

"As a film exhibitor we provide our guests with movie choices. We believe IT IS UP TO THE PUBLIC TO DECIDE whether they would like to see a particular film and our guests can give voice to their views and opinions at the box office by buying a ticket to a movie or not."

WE are the public. Let's join together to support freedom of expression and the ongoing right of debate on challenging issues such as Pro-Life/Pro-choice view points. 

Please sign and share if you would like to have "Unplanned" shown in the Medicine Hat Cineplex theatre.