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Hi everyone, I have this petition still going, I am happy to say Chum and Champ were temporarily released yesterday morning to their owners until their Court hearing to determine their Fate On Dec 6, 2012. They are happy to be home, and they have to return to the BCSPCA on Dec 5th and wait for the verdict the next day. Sad part.. They are not yet in the clear,  I would like to share with you all as you are all supporters for Chum and Champ a news clipping of the dogs being released, if you click on the link you can see first hand Chum and Champ out of jail for the first time since jan of this year.   I will keep you posted, yes I am going to leave this petition run longer, I will print out as we go along,  Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and comments.  All signature will be presented to Chum and Champ's lawyer along with the comments.  We are going to try to get the law changed for everywhere for every dog or pet.   Enjoy the clip, you are more then welcome to join us on Facebook Chum and Champ vs CVRD




Two innocent dogs are going to be put down when they did nothing wrong. There was proof from a veterinarian. Copy and paste and read the stories.    Thanks


Also go to the facebook page for Chum and Champ vs CVRD

here is another link you all might find interesting,

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Two innocent dogs will know their fate in court in the fall.
Please help these two gentle giants go back home and other dogs in the same situation.

I will be printing this petition today to be used in court this Thursday, October 18, 2012. The judge has decided to render his verdict at a later date but we will be submitting this petition to him on Thursday as planned for his consideration. Please continue to share and sign this petition so we can present the additional signatures to the court when the the new date is scheduled. Thank you to everyone one of you that has taken time to sign and comment on this petition on behalf of Chum and Champ, These dogs have not seen their owners since January of this year when they were taken from their home. Their owners have been denied visitation for 9 months now. I hope that everyone's efforts will let them come home and be safe from the cruelty they have suffered all these months. Please send out prayers for Chum and Champ, and Diesel in Kelowna and Cain in Terrace BC also. All four of these dogs are at risk of being put down under the counsel of lawyer, Troy DeSouza. He seems to have a penchant for seeing dogs destroyed. Stay tuned for updates, Thank you one and all again from Courtenay, BC Canada.

COURT DATE OCTOBER 18TH, 2012. We must change the Local Government Act and the Community Charter (section 49) to ensure that all animals in the province of British Columbia receive fair and humane treatment under the law. Our petition focuses on Chum and Champ but let's network and fight for all of our animals. Thanks again to everyone for their ongoing support. Sandy


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