Stop CA Assembly Bill 1715! It Is Bad For Children With Autism!

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This is an urgent matter that is set to negatively affect the services received by your child diagnosed with Autism. On Monday, June 27th, the California Senate Business & Professions Committee votes on Assembly Bill 1715. 

AB 1715 will negatively affect children diagnosed with Autism! 

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board-BACB-a private agency based out of Florida  is set to monopolize all ABA licensing in California. The BACB certification is wholly inadequate in many key areas!!!! 

Passage of this bill will lead to:

1. Shortages! There is already a significant shortage of providers for children diagnosed with Autism. The bill requires time consuming (and inadequate) requirements, causing an even greater shortage of providers and increasing wait times to months and years!

 2. Sky-Rocketing Costs! Requirements will drive the costs up for agencies who are already struggling with being paid sub standard rates particularly for low income Medi-Cal patients.

3. Unqualified! There is nothing in the BACB coursework that directly addresses creating developmentally appropriate curricula for children diagnosed with autism thus we are seeing an influx of practitioners with this certification who know little to nothing about creating adequate programming for children diagnosed with autism. Many newly minted BCBA's are relying on software to pick and choose goals and activities for your child! 

4. Inadequate! There are not enough institutions offering the required coursework for BACB certificates.  Institutions offering said coursework are expensive and often sub-average online institutions.

5.  Slamming the Door! Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT) are a recognized license by most health insurance companies for ABA services. The BACB has no flexibility or incorporation of this license into the BACB entity. Therefore LMFT’s would be unable to supervise or train individuals falling under the auspices of the BACB.

This bill will immediately and negatively impact children diagnosed with autism and their families by limiting the number of providers, providing a sub standard providers due to the limitations of the BACB coursework AND significantly drive up costs for consumers, agencies, the Regional Centers and health insurance companies. This bill is opposed by the Regional Centers of California, The Autism Business Association and other like minded 'child-first' organizations!  



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