Request companies to stop producing and trading big cats products

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Friend of the Earth programs needs your signature to request the Governments of China and Vietnam and companies involved to ban the sale and trade of big cats products. We will send all signatures of this petition to the decision-makers in the governments and companies and we will ask for feedback and updates on the undertaken measures. We will then provide you with update here.

There are seven main groups of big cat: lions, leopards, jaguars, snow leopards, tigers, cheetahs and cougars. They live in countries stretching the globe, from Russia, through Africa to South America and are all facing serious threats.

Hunting for illegal trade is one of the main issue facing big cat species. Tigers, leopards and snow leopards, in particular, are commonly killed and their parts sold for the traditional Chinese medicine market. The demand for big cat products in health supplements is high in some parts of Asia. They are also hunted for their fur, which is used to make clothing and other fashion items.

Of all the 38 subspecies of big cats, 5 tigers are considered extinct or regional extinct; 9 among cheetas, lynx, leopards and tigers are critically endangered; 14 are endangered; 14 vulnerable.

All big cats play a vital role in maintaining ecosystem function. If any of the big cat species were to go extinct, the ecosystem would undoubtedly shift, likely with negative consequences for the diversity and abundance of other species.

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