Prevent the Sales of Skins from Animals Skinned Alive

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Help prevent the sales of finished fur garments that have been supplied from animals skinned alive. Skinning animals live isn't only brutal, but inhumane. These animals are skinned alive and are beaten, just for others to wear.

They are locked up in small, tight, and cramped cages with many other animals. They are hanged and beaten until they no longer move, and are skinned alive because it "comes off easier."

Many countries like China, the worlds largest fur exporter, skins animals alive to sell. There is also no penalty for animal abuse on Chinese fur farms, thus allowing them to skin and beat these animals live.

These farms are "supplying more than half of the finished fur garments imported for sale in the United States." - Peta

Animals are not to be worn, skinned, or hanged. Especially while alive. Please sign this petition to prevent the State of Texas from allowing people to sell fur that's been made from an animal skinned alive.

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