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Allow the kidney transplant Amelia Rivera needs to survive

Three year old Amelia Rivera is being denied the right to a life-saving kidney transplant simply because she is cognitively impaired.   

You can read Chrissy Rivera's agonizing story of how they were treated at CHOP here:

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  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    CHOP: Special needs individuals deserve life-saving transplants
  • Kidney Program Attending Staff
    Madhura Pradhan
  • Kidney Program Attending Staff
    Kevin E. C. Meyers
  • Kidney Program Attending Physician
    Lawrence A. Copelovitch
  • Kidney Program Attending Staff
    Mary B. Leonard
  • Kidney Program Attending Staff
    Bernard S. Kaplan
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer
    Stuart P. Sullivan
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
    Margaret M. Jones
  • Kidney Program Social Worker
    Kimberly Sterner
  • Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President
    Philip R. Johnson
  • Kidney Program Social Worker
    Cynthia Green
  • President and Chief Operating Officer
    Madeline Bell
  • Kidney Program Social Worker
    Caryle Glah
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Steven M. Altschuler
  • Kidney Program Psychologist
    Nataliya Zelikovsky
  • Executive Vice President and General Counsel
    Jeffrey D. Kahn
  • Director of Public Relations
    George V. Bochanski, Jr.

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