Child Support System Reform--Stop Suspending The Peoples Driving Privileges As They Look For Jobs That May Require a Valid Drivers License.

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What does taking a persons drivers license actually do? It actually impairs a persons ability to find gainful employment in a State as vast as California in any economy. Incarcerating absent parents because they cannot find a job is a form of systematic oppression. How do these tactics help the child? This is a tactic used by many states nationwide.  These tactics are counter productive, and detrimental to those who are trying to provide support. The governments blanket policy must end. 

You can go on any major job board and use "Valid Drivers License Required" in the search criteria and see that thousands of jobs are made unavailable to parents seeking employment because the government will indiscriminately take your drivers license or any other business license for that matter if you miss a payment(s), get sick, get laid off, miss a court date, or any other life event.  This impacts contractors, and seasonal workers in a very damaging manner as well. 

Not only does it stop you from applying for positions that require a valid drivers license, it also creates a situation whereas you may have no means to get to an interview or search for work because of the revoking of your driving privileges. 

The government practices this tactic even though it has the ability to garnish your check should you find employment. Their strategy is not designed to help you be a better parent. It seems it is designed to inhibit your ability to fulfill your obligation as a parent and find employment.

Tell your congressman/woman this tactic needs to stop! Finding gainful employment can be hard enough without the child support system throwing up additional road blocks by marking your drivers license as revoked or suspended.  

 Those who don't care about their kids could care less about your drivers license. It is the rest of us this policy impacts.