Addressing the critical need of feeding and rehabilitation of street animals in India

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Subject: Addressing the urgent need of feeding and rehabilitation of street animals. (In all parts of India)


The present onslaught of the corona virus has brought into even sharper focus- the plight of the animals in our country. While this obviously encompasses issues such as poaching and killing of endangered animals, merciless breeding and selling of various pet species; besides keeping them under inhuman conditions, abandoning of pets, at will, by pet owners, hitting, poisoning and killing of strays, by certain individuals in our colonies and neighbourhood, the immediate need of the hour is-:

*Addressing the urgent need of feeding and rehabilitation of the street animals. (In all parts of India)*

Toward this:

It is our sincere request that:

1.Every state government take full responsibility for providing food for these helpless street animals;

2. Provide moving vans across their respective areas, equipped with clean food and water for street animals. Many of these animals have not eaten for several days;

3. Officially include- animal feeding by animal lovers and other citizens- as part of "Essential Services" 

4.  Rescue abandoned, ill-treated and malnourished, badly injured, strays and pets that are victims of human abuse and provide shelter, food and essential veterinary services through district administration and citizen partnership models;                   

5. Encourage society at large to take care of animals, their pets and make animal cruelty a stringent penal offence;

 6.Confer and collaborate with those citizens, who are passionate and knowledgeable about these matters, in order to - fund, aid, develop and implement new initiatives in this area, to achieve the above objectives.

We fear that our collective failure to address the above will lead to further deprivation, starvation, death and disastrous consequences, which amongst other things would take a further toll on human and animal health in general. Moreover, these voiceless beings, specially- during this lockdown period, are dying a death which is inevitable, but hugely avoidable.

We therefore urge you to take cognisance of this urgency.
We look forward to your favourable response on this matter and we are sure you will definitely take the lead to make this matter a priority.


The citizens of India ��