Build better roads in and around Bangalore

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Residents of Bangalore have to face a harrowing time daily due to the extreme congestion on the roads.

Lack of adequately built roads brings traffic to a halt and this problem becomes worse on rainy days. Vehicles are taking an hour to travel a meager 2-4 kilometers on tough days. Average travel speed is hardly above 10 Kmph on these roads.

This is causing extreme frustration, tiredness, high cost of travel and loss of productivity.

Lives are being lost every day because the ambulances are not able to find space. Lack of adequate overbridges on ORR is a big hazard to civilians crossing the roads full of vehicles.

Recently 3 people were grievously injured while crossing the ORR.

We request the Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, the BBMP and area councilors to consider this request and take steps to rectify this situation. 

Another big concern is dust from digging and construction activities. Many people walking on the road, or using a two-wheeler have to wear face mask for clean air.

Here are some steps, that citizens feel, will be beneficial:

1) Well-tarred roads

2) Presence of more traffic lights, even in the internal areas to stop deadlocks

3) Construction of overbridges

4) Deployment of more traffic police officers to control the traffic.

Being an area that contributes significantly to the state revenue, we have an inadequate infrastructure. Citizens, therefore, feel betrayed and neglected.

We hope you understand our grievances and take steps to solve our problems.