Assam: Lets Segregate Trash to Save the Hargila, Greater Adjutant Stork.

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Assam is home to the largest population of the critically endangered Hargila (Greater Adjutant Stork, Leptoptilos dubius). These birds are our natures recycling agency, they specialize in eating rotting materials. Most Hargila come to garbage dumps daily, and encounter many toxic substances mixed with their food. Lets implement the Solid Waste Management Rules (2016) from Ministry of Environment & Forests in Assam. If we keep our food waste separate, our Hargila and several other animals will get safe food to eat, which is not mixed with plastic, glass and metals that are dangerous to these animals. We will also give respectable employment to many ragpickers who can access clean recyclables in our trash, which is not mixed with food.