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Save Basai

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Save Haryana’s Mini-Bharatpur
On the outskirts of busy Gurugram lies Basai Wetlands, a wetland that is home to 280 Species of birds, which is a whopping  60% of the total bird Species seen in the NCR region. Basai Wetlands covers an area of 250 Acres and is a village in Sector 101 of Gurugram. It is also classified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International (see additional information below).
In addition to birds that live in Basai the year-around, the wetland is home to scores of migrating birds.  Some of these are so rare that they are seen only here. And many, such as the beautifully Sarus Crane and dramatic Black Ibis are either threatened or critically endangered. Without this critical wetland, these migratory visitors will have nowhere to go and we will see a tragic decline in their numbers in the coming years.
Unfortunately, one part of the wetland, an area of 2.29 hectare, where birds from Europe, Russia, Central Asia migrate to each winter, has been given over by the Haryana Government to IL & FS, a company that
will build a plant to recycle malba, or Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste. Recycling such waste will require the wetland-currently all water-filled farmland-to be leveled and filled up. It will be built upon so heavy machinery can function on it. Incoming malba will generate dust and the process is noisy. There will be no place for these beautiful birds if this happens.
From Haryana’s Bharatpur, it will become Haryana’s Buriedpur
We realize the importance of recycling malba. But we ask for a win-win. We ask that the IL & FS C&D Recycling plant be shifted to another site, such as Bhandwari, where waste was previously landfilled and recycled. We also demand that Basai be protected and formally conserved, in time for the migration period starting in August. Let Haryana gift the country a mini-Bharatpur.

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Additional Information on Basai

IBA Site Code : IN-HR-01
State : Haryana
District : Gurugram
Coordinates : 28o 28’ 60” N,
                      76o 58’ 60” E
Ownership : Govt, Village
Area : 100 ha
Altitude : 216–219 msl
Rainfall : 800 mm
Temperature : 4°C to 43°C
Biogeographic Zone : Semi-arid
Habitats : Freshwater Swamp

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