Hear Umer Rathore's Case on Urgent Basis

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Umer Rathore, a 4 year old boy, was kidnapped by Yasir, Hamza, Asad and Aftab for ransom. The minor was suffocated to death as he was locked in a cupboard for two days. If justice is delayed, this will be yet another instance of humanity failing. 

Mukhtar Rathore, Umer's father, lodged a complaint with the Bhara Kahu Police Station on December 21 that his four-year-old son, disappeared from street at about 4 pm when he was playing in front of his house. The complainant requested the police to search every vehicle leaving Islamabad to ensure that his son could not be transported out of the town.

Unimaginable loss has already been suffered by the family.

Our last hope is the judiciary. We demand justice for Umer. This case is not for a single person but for all parents who want safety for their children. An example should be made out of the perpetrators of this crime. The outcome of this case should serve as a deterrent for future criminal activity.

The case hearings are delayed due to corona virus. Families of the murderers are using political influences and if it is delayed further, Umer's family is worried about the future of proceedings. We appeal Chief Justice and Prime Minister to take it as a special case and give decision on urgent basis as all the evidences are there and murderers have accepted their crime.