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Order Shared Parenting - Children deserve equal time with BOTH parents!

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Oregon does not encourage parents to share the role of parenting. If two people do not agree to joint custody or sharing parenting time then the state does NOT make them work together and raise their children together. There are no evaluations required to determine which parent should get FULL custody, the judge just picks one parent to give full power to after listening to a couple hours of biased testimony. The party with the most money or best attorney wins. There is so much information to be considered and judges do not get the full truth. Psychological evaluations should be required in custody disputes. Some people who are handed the power of full custody do not handle it as they should to maintain the best interests of the child. Both parents may both be fit and just not have the best ability to get along... This is not enough reason to shut one parent out and remove all decision making rights for THEIR JOINT CHILD! Many cases (and families) would be better off if the courts ordered joint custody and forced the parties to co-parent, especially if both people have been active in the childs life and want to remain involved in raising their child. Judges should be able to enforce joint custody regardless of the parents agreeing to it. Parents will have to make it work if that is what a judge orders. Every child deserves to have BOTH parents instead of basically losing a parent after one day in court. Please help me change Oregon's Family Laws so that children can have easy access to both of their parents. Thank you,Amy Kinkead

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