Accountability/Penalty for person who dragged an innocent dog on the street tied to a car.

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A dog was brutally dragged on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan; while tied to a car, at 12:08pm On Siraj-ud-Daula Road, near Alamgir Masjid; until he died

This is happening in broad daylight by people who can afford expensive cars. This is not about not having an education, or having hard lives or not being aware. This is being done by people who are very aware of their actions and are doing this on purpose because they enjoy it. 

These creatures are innocent, and speechless! Acts like killing and culling of dogs are heinous and should be treated as such. These animals are a part of our lives and our eco-system. It’s about time our governments start treating them kindly and accommodate their livelihood.

We demand justice in the form of imprisonment and heavy fines againt such people. And we demand proper laws that make animal abuse a crime!