Justice for Rani - Dog Rape victim

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Justice for RANI - the RAPE victim!

We tend to think that rape is limited to women, girls, children and men, humans in general. Prepare for your world to be shattered as we enlighten you that animals are also victims of rape. This is the second case of animal rape we have taken to the authorities and the 4th over all we have dealt with, 2 cases did not have proper evidence.

Rani is an adult female dog who has been raped by a man in broad daylight in Thane city area. We received a call from a feeder yesterday that he was on his usual feeding round with his friend and they noticed something against the order of nature ( SECTION 377 of IPC aka BESTIALITY ). The accused was caught red-handed holding her hind area and having his way with her. She was in pain and was helpless as she was restrained and subdued by the strength of the man. The youngsters who witnessed the act could not bear to see such kind of cruelty towards poor Rani. They immediately stopped the man and called the police and us. Our Ambulance team rushed to the spot to help and took Rani in our custody and the evil man was handed over to the police.

We at PAL firmly believe that justice should be served, especially to the poor, hungry and speechless animals on the street.

Rani was in shock and her genitals were bruised and swollen. She also had wounds on her tail and back. She looked lost and hopeless. Just because animals can't talk, doesn't mean they don't feel the same things that we do. She was just as broken and defeated as any human would have been after a rape. Her eyes said it all.

An FIR report has been lodged against the accused under Section 377 and we sincerely hope that our judicial system does not fail us and helps us get justice for Rani. We would like to thank the Police Commissioner of Thane City, Shri Vivek Phansalkar and Honorable Smt Maneka Gandhi ji for their help with this case. 

We want this case to reach the eyes of the honorable Chief justice of India so that this case is heard fairly by the judicial system. We do not want it to stop just at the FIR. Please share and make sure it reaches his eyes. 

Please share and make sure that this message is spread far and wide and Rani gets Justice #justiceforrani #mypalclub