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Preserve Tamarin Salt Fields as a Heritage site

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Located at the foot of the Black River Mountain Range, the Tamarin salt fields date back to the 1950s. This cottage industry still follows the traditional salt processes from the French era and is not only an active salt producer, and a top-rated tourist attraction, but also an integral part of the national fabric. And yet, it would seem steps are already in motion for 75% of the salt pans to be removed to make way for a shopping mall, supermarket and luxury villas. We will not  mention how members of the Mauritian public feel like they were duped by the poor way in which said developments were communicated. But we will say this: this is not some naive, misguided, and misplaced attempt by a group of nostalgic Mauritians and sympathisers who just won't let go of the past and make way for economic growth and development. This is a furious plea, a desperate appeal, to save Mauritian identity and what the Tamarin salt pans represent tous as a nation. You may not care about our history, you may not care about our heritage, you may not care about our memories, or even about our very own Tamarin salt, but you will care about your identity. The salt fields are a symbol of the Mauritian hard work and accomplishment, a particular trait us Mauritians have all inherited from our forefathers. Why be just another capitalist country in the world? We should have the best of all worlds: proud to be an African success story, an Indian Ocean success story, in every sense of the word. That means being financially successful whilst remaining true to our culture, our people, and our way of life. Getting rid of Tamarin Salt Pans is like killing a little part of our Mauritian identity. Is it really worth it?

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