Charvil to Twyford Footpath

Charvil to Twyford Footpath

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Started by Lee Cripps

We have existing footpaths around Charvil Country Park, but with the two rivers that run north to south, the path cannot be used from Charvil to Twyford for pedestrians or cyclists.

If two bridges were built, the path upgraded with hard tarmac or resin based surface, then it would be used by walkers, cyclists and people with disabilities.

The benefits are obvious, reduced parking at Twyford Station, shorter distance, and safer than walking the longer distance.

Walking along the old bath road is unsafe, pavements do not exist on both side, without an official crossing to switch pavements. The cross roads in central Twyford are an "unclean air zone", so not good for pedestrians.

With Waingels Secondary school trying to expand catchment, this would open up walking opportunities for students attending Waingels whilst living in Twyford.

The footpath would also allow Woodley residents to access Twyford Station without the need to drive.

We should be focusing on sustainable transport options and this would open up Twyford Station to many more residents than today.

935 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!