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Ban the senior Graduation Project

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The graduation project is meant to be a culmination of all of the knowledge we have gleaned so far through our education and exemplify that we are ready to take the next step, whatever that might be. The graduation project is not an effective means of measuring this as us students lack the time and resources such a project requires to truly do our best work. This project takes away valuable school time from the classes we are studying, and need to graduate, only adding stress that leaves us with no time to take care of ourselves or our many other classes.

My friends and I are dedicated students that value our education and want to see the system grow but this project isn't helping teachers or students if it is taking away from valuable class time. I find myself having to choose between this project, classes that challenge me, my health and clubs that teach leadership skills and the importance of being involved and a productive member of society. These places encourage people to work together and problem solve in real life situations. 

The topics for this project are rushed, the process is panicked trying to find time to get everything done and still stay on top of personal and school responsibilities. Many opportunities for service are closed to my fellow classmates because they aren't old enough, lack transportation or have familial responsibilities. 

We are told we can't graduate unless we do well on this and suddenly you find yourself focusing on this more than anything because nothing you ever did in school matters unless you pass this project. Suddenly the rest of the work I've done throughout school means nothing because of this project that not even the teachers enjoy. 

This is why I believe we should get rid of the graduation project. It will allow students time to engage in activities within or outside the school that are meaningful to them. It will allow us students to focus more on excelling in the classes we are taking instead of taking away from them. It will allow those who have other responsibilities to take care of them with out the added stress of a project like this. 

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