New England to secede from the United States of America

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With the political, social, and economic unravelling of the United States happening before our eyes in recent years, We the People of New England, feel it is against our states' interests to remain in the Union of the United States under such conditions. We demand the following for an independent Republic of New England: 

1. Better electoral system: The Republic of New England should have all elections of public office decided by a popular vote. The government should be comprised of individuals chosen by the majority (or plurality). We desire Ranked Choice Voting, which would give New England the opportunity to have a multi-party political system and break the duopoly.

2. Better government: We believe that New Englanders should be represented in Parliament proportional to their population, and that we deserve a sane representative to population ratio. United States population per legislator keeps going up, yet the Americans refuse to expand the number of seats in their Congress.

3. A smaller, saner, and less chaotic nation. As population goes up linearly, chaos goes up exponentially. We want New England to function like Monaco or Norway, not the US, China, or India.

4. Fairness in fiscal policy, taxation, and the economy. New England pays more money to the federal US government than we get out. The United States continues to tax us unfairly and funnel the money to failing states in the South, Midwest, and Appalachia. These states refuse to take care of themselves or pay for their own social programs; they are perpetually reliant on federal aid. The money New England sends to the US government ends up funding incessant foreign wars, useless border walls, and social programs for Southerners because they refuse to fund their own.

5. Cultural cohesion: The Civil War never ended – it just became cold. The median New Englander wants to live in a sensible society – one that listens to science, abstains from foreign wars, spends tax money on practical social projects (road maintenance, public transportation, education, public health, environmental protection), values intelligence, and tolerates diversity. The median person in the South, Midwest, and Appalachia has different values. As we drift further apart on issues related to religion, public health, science, the environment, animal welfare, diversity, taxation, government spending, war, and education, we must separate and find our own destinies.

We the People of New England, urge our governors to file for secession from the United States. This would allow us to better maintain our way of life for all New Englanders in terms of society, environment, and prosperity.