STOP Trump's next Supreme Court Justice Nominee from being Confirmed

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     My name is Louis Romero Jr and I am a native of New York. I was raised and have lived in one of the most diverse boroughs in this nation-Queens, New York. I am a proud half Puerto Rican and Italian American. But more importantly I am a proud American. Our voice has never been as consequential as it stands today. Today, Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced his retirement to our nation. The next Supreme Court Justice nominee will be selected by this heartless Trump Administration, who has no respect for the civil rights of our fellow citizens. Our great citizenry must understand that the next nominee’s decisions, if confirmed and selected as a Supreme Court Justice, will more than likely equate to the disgusting hatred and lack of compassion that has run through the ice cold heart of this authoritarian administration.

     My worry extends to all people in the event that this next pick will be someone who also disrespects the rights of the women in our lives and will repeal their right to an abortion. The great heights of our liberty, that is marked by the rising flames of Lady Liberty that stands as a model protecting our New York Harbor, will be taken away if we do not act with all our might to resist any nominee that does not serve the interests of the many. The time is now to stand up and no longer wait for selfish political underpinnings to affirm and continue to hold hostage the fate of the future prosperity of this entire nation. Freedom and democracy shall not be treated as merely words to be espoused for self-serving ends. Let this strong-willed petition be put forward as a resounding commitment to an sincere oath not matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. I write this petition as an oath to stand by our collective democracy that represents all Americans. This petition is to serve as an awakening to all citizens, who are concerned for the well-being of our fellow neighbors.

     We must be united. We must be bold. We must get action. We MUST stand against any nominee that will trample on the rights of our collective citizens. Whether we are man or woman. Poor or middle-class. I am a New Deal Democrat, who believes all lives should be improved in our great nation, no matter one’s political affiliation. I fiercely believe that when one is attacked, we are all attacked. Our rally cry as sons and daughters of liberty must include an ardent commitment to stand shoulder-to-shoulder to protect the most vulnerable among us. If we can not merely exercise our granted rights vested to us by our forefathers, then we have failed our fellow loved ones. Currently as we embark on the coming weeks, we will hear a plethora of names posited forward as potential Supreme Court Justice nominees. Be aware that many of them will strike to divide our nation by breaking our unified bond at a time of inimitable spirit. We will hear the names of candidates who will seek to diminish our rights.

     Therefore I once more call on our concerned citizens to direct your attention to this petition and let it serve as an oath to uphold our rightful constitution to protect those most vulnerable among us. That can be a neighbor who we have known for years or that may be a stranger. The time to be fearless by preserving the ironclad ideals of our still distinguished nation is now. There remains an open criminal investigation into this President’s violations of the Constitution, his obstruction of justice and very close-ties to the friends and family members of corrupt Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. It is the people for which this administration answers. Let us make this loud and clear. You continuously seek to punish the majority of Americans. Thus I ask, “What is your punishment for all of your continued inhumane indiscretions?” Let these words be forcefully clear and resolute. You will have no pick, if this pick is unethical and/or represents your fascist ideology, because our court of public opinion shall NOT allow it. 


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