Remove the offensive survivor brain verse brawn tv ad

Remove the offensive survivor brain verse brawn tv ad

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Renee Mcnab started this petition to Channel Ten and

For those who have not seen the current add airing on free to air TV regarding survivor brain versus Brawn where we have a current serving correctional services officer calling people’s loved ones snakes are is just not on at the end of the day these people are still human beings and do not deserve this kind of defamation on national TV yes they maybe criminal serving time in prison but at the end of the day they are still human beings whom this prison guard and contestant Dani has a duty of care to and it is just unprofessional and unacceptable for her to be behaving and getting on TV saying these sort of things so I urge everyone to sign this petition in the hope of getting this ad taken off the air.


I have sent the following letter to the necessary agencies and I urge everyone to write one of their own

To The Producers, Chanel 10 Media and Corrective Services

I write to you in regards to your recent promotional advertising on the upcoming Survivors series and how I feel this is very offending and defamatory to many inmates and their families.

You have a contestant name Dani Beale whom is a Prison Officer and although I do not judge her choice of career or entry into this televised competition I do however take offence on her judgment of how she portrays her career and those she has a duty of care towards.

Her comments I find offensive and I do understand some of the inmates at her work place would be as she has openly described but not all are like that and to categorise all inmates within her career under the same umbrella I find it not only offensive and extremely concerning for the inmates within her supervision role, I also find it offensive and extremely concerning for the family and friends that live each day concerned and worried their love ones are getting the care of humanity that all deserve however hearing this brings much doubt on how inmates are being treated with judgement and inhumanly by those that are paid to have a duty of care to these people.

I fear that with the many issues and concerns currently within the Gaol system and with the comments and attitude to the career that Dani Beale has chosen whilst putting out there so openly publicised it enhances theses issues and where they are stemming from and that’s from the corrective services staff.

I would hate to think this officer was in supervision of my loved one with the attitude and judgement she openly displays however I am aware there are officers throughout every Gaol with this same or similar attitude and that is their choice and opinion to have but to publicly state her thoughts which she is putting all inmates under the same view for the general public and those that don’t know them to believe - she is public defaming many by her quotes as not all inmates belong under the judgement and opinion she is making them all out to be.

I hope something can be done to remove this promo and any comments that attain your her thoughts on inmates as she can not categorised all your are the same and call
Them “snakes” it is wrong on many levels and very offensive and unprofessional.

Thank you for your time, you will also notice their is a petition happening that I have also happily signed to request this promo and any associated comments be removed.

Your time is appreciated

Kind regards
Renee Mcnab

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!