Get Andy Raymond Back On Our Televisions

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The power and impact of social media within our society is growing daily. Now, people like you and I, together, have the power to influence results and implement change. 

For 23 years Andy Raymond served Fox Sports, delivering exemplary service. On the Bloke In A Bar podcast he admitted his goal was simple - Help us forget our daily issues, smile, and just enjoy the footy there & then in that moment. And do that, he did.

In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic Fox Sports decided to tell Andy Raymond he was no longer required. No genuine thank you, no human element to the conversation, and most sadly, no welfare check on his mental health, despite his incredible service over a prolonged period.

Andy is a champion bloke and throughout his career in the media he is one of the very few men who have continually worked to build our game. He has never brought our game into disrepute. 

Andy has spent the last 12 months building his fantastic podcast - Andy Raymond Unfiltered, and you can be certain of this - his passion has not dwindled in the slightest. 

Channel Nine, we, the fans of rugby league are calling on you to employ Andy Raymond as part of your 2021 commentary team and coverage of the NRL. 

We the fans want to see him back on our television screens, and by signing this petition, we are hopeful you will take action and employ Andy. 

So let's come together guys. Let our voice be heard. Let's do our part and sign the petition and Channel Nine, may you please do your part. 

Let's show Andy Raymond how important he is to the rugby league community.