Ask Channel 5 to not air another series of "Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away"

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On the 19th of July 2018 Killed By My Debt was screened on BBC, showing a different perspective on debt and the hardship it causes. Debt Support Trust reports that almost 50% of UK residents in debt consider suicide. Programmes such as "Can't Pay, We'll Take it Away!" reinforces ideas of shame and prevents people from seeking help. Ofcom constantly receives complaints from people being filmed by the "Can't Pay, We'll Take it Away!" camera crew -whilst being evicted from their homes. Complaints are not upheld as Ofcom states: "the individual’s right to privacy has to be balanced against the competing rights of the broadcaster’s to freedom of expression". Apparently the broadcaster's right to freedom of expression outrides our right to privacy. By banning "Can't Pay, We'll Take it Away" we can help protect vulnerable people in debt who would otherwise be exploited during hardship they people are facing. This can be the first step to ensuring that broadcasts are not biased, invasive and exploitative.