Get Wayne Carey off AFL broadcasts

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If Channel 7 and the AFL want to show that they're serious about tackling domestic violence, they need to take Wayne Carey off the air immediately. 

Carey has previously pleaded guilty to sexual assault. He's admitted that he grabbed a stranger's chest and asked "why don't you get a bigger pair of tits". He smashed a wine glass in his then-girlfriend's face. He kicked a female police officer in the mouth. He left his wife for a model, 6 weeks before the birth of his daughter. Is that enough reasons yet?

By continuing to let Carey commentate AFL, Channel 7 is saying they don't care about women.

They're telling their almost-eight million viewers that women don't deserve to be safe. They're showing us that you can assault multiple women and still have your opinions heard every week. They're also telling millions of young boys and men around the country that Carey's behaviour is okay; that you can be repeatedly violent and openly sexist and get away with it.

That's why we're demanding that he be taken off air immediately. Enough is enough.