Justice for Asifa

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A Crime has no religion, A crime has no faith and a nation that stays silent to heinous crimes in the grab of religion or god has no backbone. It's a day of shame for india. 

An 8 year old girl was kidnapped, held captive in a temple,drugged and brutally gang raped and finally killed by a group of locals ostensibly to intimidate the community she belonged to. In another instance a minor girl in Unnao in UP was raped, allegedly by the local MLA and a case was not registered and in response to her family's insistence of a complaint, the local police picked up her father and held him in police custody where he died.

Imagine what goes through the mind of an 8 yr old as she is drugged,held captive, gangraped over days and then murdered. If u don't feel her terror, you are not a human. If u don't demand asifa get justice, you belong to nothing.

Asifa rape case is one of the most disgusting incidents our country has ever witnessed. If that little girl does not get justice, Forget you will ever get justice in future. Asifa could have been your sister, your daughter. It's disgusting and heartbreaking.

Speaking for girls ...Most importantly enough of blaming us for everything. An 8 yr old girl had nothing to do with it. No she was not wearing short clothes. No she was not 'asking for it'.she was innocent and every other girl who goes through this is innocent.

#JusticeForAsifa People in JK demand justice for 8-yr-old allegedly raped and murdered in Kathua

Those bastards need to be hanged for their sins.

Speak up for god's sake. #justiceforasifa