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Return Patrick Swayze's memorabilia to his direct Family! Stop the Auction!

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 Patrick Swayze loved his family and would cringe at how his blood has been treated, and by his own widow! When Buddy (Patrick) died, his mother Patsy asked for a pair of cowboy boots to place on her fireplace mantle next to her deceased husband's, Buddy's Father, in which her request was refused by Lisa. Years later, Patsy had passed... Lisa refused to help with ANY of the funeral expenses, I, Danielle Swayze, was forced to take matter into my own hands and start a GoFund Me for the rapid and unexpected passing of my grandmother, Patsy Swayze.  My family has endured enough pain and sorrow, just in losing a loved one. Their homes were even taken and sold from underneath them shortly after Patsy had passed, and forced to relocate and leave behind what they did not have time to get. Lisa has made it a point to never give the brothers, Donny or Sean, so much as a belt buckle of their brother's, a cowboy hat, a pocket knife, not even so much as a pair of his socks! Instead, Lisa Niemi has gathered EVERYTHING that ever meant anything to Buddy, and is auctioning them off to the highest bidder rather than giving it back to the rightful owner, the only people who would truly cherish these items, HIS FAMILY! 

The Most recent auction will include:

"A collection of items belonging to Patrick Swayze when he was an infant: a teddy bear, a pair of leather shoes, a shirt and pair of shorts, a rattle, a teething ring, a pair of small boxing gloves, and a card from his first birthday, signed “Love you lots, Papo + Momo.” Together with a vintage box labeled with Swayze’s nickname, Buddy. Also includes a scrap of newspaper from the Houston Post in which the bear was wrapped, dated 1974, near the time Swayze left home to pursue his performing arts career, and a two-page essay handwritten by Swayze detailing his love for the teddy bear, including the line, “For many years Teddy was my only friend, he was the only person I could trust with my secrets. He never laughed at my dreams, what I accomplished or aspired towards.”


Please help me stop Lisa before she gets rid of memorabilia that has no right or reason to be sold, YOU CANNOT PUT A PRICE ON MEMORIES! My father, Don, and Uncle Sean deserve to have these sentimental items, please help Lisa find the heart she once had! These are the FACTS, and my family has had enough of getting kicked while we're down!

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