Justice for Alfred Wright (Reopen Case) What really happen to Alfred Wright?

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My little brother, Alfred Wright, was a 28-year-old young man, husband and father of three from Jasper, Texas. He went missing in Sabine County on November 7, 2013. His body was found three weeks later by our family-organized search party, just 25 yards from where he was last seen and in an area, the Sheriff and his team refused to allow us to search early on. My family and I have good reason to believe that the Sheriff and members from his department had something to do with the murder of my brother, Alfred Wright. They presented multiple actions that prove they were involved and tampered with evidence.

The Wright family’s desire to take action is compounded by the fact that this area of southeast Texas is notorious for harboring deep-rooted racial hatred. These tensions periodically manifest into violent, racially motivated crimes, such as the murder of James Byrd Jr., who was dragged to his death in Alfred’s hometown of Jasper.

Anderson Cooper 360 aired multiple segments on the case of Alfred Wright. 

The law firm our family had hired, (Bernsen Law Firm) had released a press release stating that Texas Rangers’ autopsy report failed to explain apparent signs of severe trauma found on Alfred’s body, which was later revealed by an independent second autopsy our family paid for due to suspicions of a collaboration to cover-up true evidence. One of the firm’s many concerns included the actions of a local member of law enforcement who began communicating toxicological findings with the general public even though that same person told members of the Wright family that no toxicology report was in existence. The Sheriff, Tom Maddox started telling family members early on that my brother probably was doing drugs while he was still missing. It was as if he was planning to use drugs as a way to cover up any foul play. 

“It is deeply troubling and hard to imagine why law enforcement never searched the truck Alfred went missing from even though it stayed at the scene multiple days. Still to this day, police never searched his truck. In the first autopsy, they fail to mention that his eyes were gorged out, the neck was slashed, one side of his head was shaved, one ear was cut off, several puncture wounds in his stomach, 3 fingernails was taken off, the tongue was cut out, 3 front teeth were knocked out. Instead they noted that it was animal activity. These cops with collusion of the corrupt medical examiner had the nerve to say he died of a drug overdose. We know if drugs were in his system they made sure they were there! The second autopsy proved that Alfred Wright was murdered (This was stated by the Pathologist who performed the second autopsy). She stated this on live tv at a press conference) Then later retracted her story after a private visit from the LOCAL FBI and LOCAL Texas Rangers. which encouraged her to parallel her findings with the first autopsy. This is definitely an injustice to Alfred Wright and our family. We are requesting that the United States Department of Justice in Washington DC and its none local Civil Rights and FBI units take over the case and investigate Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox, Texas Ranger Danny Young and David West.