Demand M​.​C. to NOT STOP Feeding Stray Animals in Chandigarh

Demand M​.​C. to NOT STOP Feeding Stray Animals in Chandigarh

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The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has stopped feeding stray animals not only in residential areas but also in IT Parks, Bus Stands, Railway Station Area, Sukhna Lake and all commercial markets.

We request urgent action by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation and the authorities to not stop the stray animal feeding drive since there are distressed locations where animals are starving.

Here's why:
• No street vendors feeding due to low footfall and no leftovers
• Cannot expect big food brands & restaurants to feed due to their policies.
• People do not litter around as the strictness has increased to contain virus.

Upon reaching out to the Nodal Officer incharge of the feeding drive, he said that due to the ease in lockdown, the volunteers should come forward to start the feeding.

This is not only an unplanned exit but also a false assumption by the officer incharge since one cannot prove:
• The total number of volunteers in the city for feeding
• The location these volunteers can cover
• The resources (Food, money & time) of these volunteers

These volunteers have exhausted all their resources including food & money to feed the starving stray animals during the crisis. Authorities need to realise that these are tough times during the pandemic and that such high expectations of covering the feeding of the whole city by ordinary people & volunteers during crisis is not appreciable.

• If the officer incharge plans to stop the feeding because of the Sterilisation Programs & unavailability of the staff and vehicles for feeding:
The cooked food & raw materials & some logistics support should be provided to the local feeders and volunteers so they can assist the M.C. Chandigarh to continue the feeding drive, without hampering the other programs. A big list of feeders and volunteers is available at with regular volunteers at SPCA, Sector 38, Chandigarh.

The officer incharge needs to indulge actively in finding a solution to continue the feeding by discussing with the volunteers and the possibilities.

• If the M.C. team was taking food support from NGOs:
The local feeders should be connected with such NGOs so that the food can be procured and the local feeders can continue to assist the MC Chandigarh in feeding stray animals.