Make KYE(know your employees) mandatory besides KYC for Banks

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  • The recent Rs 11,000.00 crore scam(approximately 2 Billion USD) and fraud by Diamond Merchant Mr Nirav Modi and cheating Punjab National Bank(PNB) has stirred up the country
  • Corrupt and greedy business men enticing corrupt bank employees with huge bribes has made loans(never intended to be repaid back) easy
  • Political parties tacit support or looking the other way has only helped
  • Rotomac Pens fleeing with 800 Crores loans(125 Million USD)(neither interest nor loan paid ever) today is another pointer to the deep rot which has set in
  • Between 2011 to 2017, a staggering Rs 66000.00 Crores(10 Billion USD) guzzled by greedy and unethical businessmen in collaboration with corrupt bank employees and an indifferent Govt -a huge no for a poor developing country like India
  • India's image notwithstanding all the PR done by our Honourable Prime Minister or the bright minds spreading in the globe or global CEO's being Indians is massively eroded as a cheat and fraudulent country
  • Compliant tax payers money is swindled and then indirectly the burden is passed on to the common man by the Govt after funding these Non Performing Assets
  • While KYC(know your customer) has been vigorously implemented by banks, it is time KYE(know your employee) is also administered parallely immediately.
  • Country wants to know steps are being taken taken to eradicate this national cancer