Dogs are not killers#Justice for Sitapur Dogs# Ask Animal Welfare Board to take Action

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Sitapur Dog Massacre is a glaring example of inefficiency of the District Authorities. THERE IS NO CONCLUSIVE PROOF THAT THE REGULAR STRAY DOGS HAVE ATTACKED OR KILLED HUMANS IN SITAPUR. THERE ARE REPORTS THAT HYENAS COULD BE BEHIND THIS AND NOT DOGS. Why are the dogs being killed without proper investigation of the killings..Why was a proper postmortem was not conducted when there were human deaths..The Animal Welfare Board should take action as per the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 against the persons/authorities that have done this brutal mindless massacre of innocent dogs and puppies.

The witnesses have stated that the size of the animal who attacked was unusually large and they never barked. Not one but many eye witnesses have stated the same.. Should there not be a proper investigation before such massacre.

Through this petition, I urge the Chairman, Animal Welfare Board Shri S.P.Gupta, IAS (Retd.) and SP, Sitapur, Shri Sureshrao A. Kulkarni to take immediate action against the persons/authorities who are involved in killing of dogs and make a proper investigation as to who authorized such killings of dogs. As a citizen of this country I demand proper action against the persons involved in these killings/mass massacre of dogs in Sitapur.