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WIthdraw the "Doulas Report"

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I would like to ask you to withdraw the recently published Informe Doula report as it contains many mistakes, errors and fallacies and will greatly damage the reputation of your own organisation, The General Council of Nursing. 

The need for continuous support during labour is universal. Even Cochrane has documented scientific evidence about it and points out that the task of doulas offering that continuous emotional support has enormous benefits without any proven adverse effect. In fact, the conclusion of the report by Cochrane (2013) states: "The continuous support by a person who is exclusively there to offer that support and who does not belong to the social or family environment of the woman, who has the experience in offering support with a basic or minimal training seems to be most beneficial", and therefore recommend, "That all women should benefit from this kind of  support." (1).

It is true that some doulas can be intrusive and others might be benefiting from offering courses that feed false expectations about a type of professional development, but it's also true that there are also other medical professionals who are intrusive in childbirth. For example, there are still too many obstetricians interfering in physiological birth that should be exclusively attended by midwives. 

I strongly feel that your institution should be far more concerned about the obstetric violence that is sadly used on a daily basis by many professionals in many labour wards in our country and that leaves an innumerable amount of mothers and babies seriously damaged as a result. That is a true reality that deserves a serious and detailed investigation by your organisation, and if you allow me, I suggest that you start by listening to the suffering of many midwives and nurses, excellent professionals, who have suffered mobbing and work abuse for defending pregnant and labouring women and their terrible consequences. These midwives do not deserve the aggravation and offence that this infamous doula report has also created for them, as in many situations these professionals work hand in hand with excellent doulas.

So for the above reasons, I beg you to take down the Informe Doulas and to research this matter properly with the sort of scientific rigour that should be expected from an institution such as yours.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Ibone Olza Fernández

(Translated by Jesusa Ricoy)



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