Build a Port Mansion II

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The Port Mansion, formerly located at 12 Lakeshore Road in Port Dalhousie began life as two separate hotels. One, known as The Mcgrath, was built by Bernard McGrath in 1860 while the second, called the Union was opened by Nathan Pawling. in 1903. In 1936, the Mcgrath was purchased by the Union's new owner and both buildings were combined. Port Hotel Ltd. bought the building in 1953 and they, in turn, sold it to Donatelli Productions Ltd. who then closed the Port Hotel, gutted it and re-opened it as the Port Mansion Restaurant in 1979. The building underwent various renovations over the next couple decades, but around 1997, it became theatre/restaurant. It remained as such until 2012 when it was demolished to make way for a condominium development which never made it past the proposal stages.

Today, discussions about what to do with the land on which it once stood have been ongoing. However, I believe that the best thing that could be done is to build a brand new Port Mansion that is as close to the original as one can possibly get. Over the years there were many grand events held at the Port which included weddings, parties, shows, dinners and countless others that have left many of the citizens of St Catharines with warm feelings and fond memories! Please city council, give us back a piece of our heritage.