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Remove Rajdeep Sardesai from Headlines Today channel

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Rajdeep Sardesai has fallen way below the ethical standards of journalism. 

1. He called an onlooker (Victim) who had gathered to watch Narendra Modi's event in Newyork an asshole and then misbehaved by  physically assaulting the victim before being pushed back by the victim. Later, Rajdeep has resorted to deception by hiding his attack on the victim and highlighting only the portion where victim pushes Rajdeep back and falsely claiming victimhood. This is downright cheap gimmickry and deserves to be condemned.  

2. He has shown a classist attitude and insulted the NRIs by declaring that they have money but no class. Classism is as bad as racism and communalism and how can a person who is classist be allowed to influence the opinion of masses? Imagine how media would have reacted if such utterance had been made by a politican? Hope people remember how media blew up the racism card when Somnath Bharti referred to Nigerians as "These people"? Rajdeep is a classist person and should be disallowed to influence public opinion.  

3. He abuses crowd for supporting Mr. Narendra Modi in New York calling them frenzied crowd just because he was heckled. This is completely unprofessional. Can people recall how cricketers, politicians, actors and other public persons get heckled and booed? But, none of the public personalities that I know of, have retaliated by abusing the crowd back!! But Rajdeep has been so reprehensible that he abuses back the crowd and calls them names!! This is unacceptable. 

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