NO Medicines at The Animal Hospital and Shelter, Noida - Help Us Save Our Sick Animals

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The Animal Hospital and Shelter, Noida (AHSN), is the single-largest veterinary hospital cum shelter catering to animals across Noida. It has almost 1300 resident animals and tends to around 100 walk-in visitors to the OPD/road accidents/on-site treatments every day.

Formerly SPCA Noida, it was taken over by Noida Authority (NA) in July 2017. After an initial few hiccups, the hospital was ably administered by the Noida Authority, under the guidance of the then CEO.

However, the resident and outpatient animals of AHSN are in dire straits now. 
NO life-saving MEDICINES have been received from Noida Authority for approximately two months. AHSN is running SOLELY on medicines donated by kind volunteers, well-wishers, and animal lovers!

This is a terrible state of affairs, and AHSN is now being forced to ask people to buy medicines to be able to treat the animals they bring in, turn away sick animals who have no caretakers, or take in animals and watch them die.

To add to this, FOOD supply for both large and small animals is erratic, there is no full-time VET attached to the shelter, and a leading DIAGNOSTIC LAB in Delhi has stopped services due to non-payment of dues.

It is a traumatic situation on the ground, with staff and volunteers being forced to stand by in helplessness and frustration.

We, volunteers, are now forced to turn to social media to bring the attention of the Noida and Uttar Pradesh administration to this critical state of affairs.

Help us save our four-legged, voiceless friends. Petition Noida Authority to ensure the timely supply of food and medicines.

The animals have no voice - we must be theirs.

Sign, share, and repeat until we reach the right ears.