Animal Hospital & Shelter Noida NEEDS Vidhi Shukla & Vineet Arora!

Animal Hospital & Shelter Noida NEEDS Vidhi Shukla & Vineet Arora!

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Nimisha Bhagat started this petition to Narendra Modi

Reinstate Ms. Vidhi Shukla and Mr. Vineet Arora at Animal Hospital & Shelter Noida

Dear Madam,

Many of us signatories to this petition, are not only very familiar with the Animal Hospital and Shelter Noida, but in fact, have visited and volunteered there often in the last 10 years. 

We are not only familiar with the functioning of the place, but we also happen to know Ms. Vidhi Shukla and Mr. Vineet Arora in their capacity as caretakers at the shelter, and are witness to the dedication and love with which they work with the animals and care for them.

Albeit, us saying anything, the true testimonial of their love for animals comes from the animals themselves.

May we highlight that when Vidhi comes to the shelter, there is a group of dogs that are so attached to her, they follow her around everywhere the whole day. One of them was a very ferocious abandoned Alsatian, who has transformed completely in his behaviour, and is now the calmest and most docile resident dog at the shelter, thanks to Vidhi. Worthwhile to mention that these dogs are now depressed and are not eating.

As for Vineet, he is an ‘animal whisperer’ in his own right – a God-gift admired by many and envied by some. Many of us can vouch for how the most ferocious animal submits to him in an instant - such is his aura! He is the only person in the shelter who can fearlessly go into the Monkey enclosure for treatments. There is no animal, be it a Snake, Monitor Lizard, Monkey or Kites that he has not treated and cared for with love and dedication day and night.

On as recent as 12th June, about 50 Egret Chicks whose nests were destroyed in the storm, were rescued and were being practically hand-raised by him. It takes him 2 hours thrice a day to feed all of them. If this doesn't qualify as dedication, we really would like to know what else does? 

How can someone who works tirelessly and selflessly for animals, let any of them be harmed on account of recklessness or negligence?

We were shocked to learn that they have been removed from the shelter, where they have dedicatedly taken care of animals for more than 12 years, based on out-of-context malicious videos circulated on social media. These videos, which were made in the beginning of February, contain pictures of some dead or dying Gauvansh and a few dogs that may be attacking them.

The shelter houses and treats all different animals of various species like Dogs, Cats, Bulls, Cows, Donkeys, Monkeys and Birds etc.

In a Hospital and Shelter housing 1500 animals of different species, to protect  animals from harming each other, it is imperative to build proper protective and secure infrastructure.

As caretakers they can only try to give the best care to the animals with the resources made available to them.

The resources made available to them is the sole responsibility of the Shelter in-charge, and the shelter in-charge of the Animal Shelter is a senior Government Veterinary Officer, Dr. Abhishek Daber, who in his capacity as the in-charge should have ensured that all proper infrastructure was available to save the sick and recumbent Gauvansh from any possible harm by Dogs,Crows or any other animal.

This fact was brought to his attention by Vidhi, and as a caretaker she had repeatedly requested him verbally and in writing to get the necessary protective enclosures built, but to no avail.

If the shelter in-charge does not provide proper facilities, despite being asked for them repeatedly, how can the two caretakers be blamed if one animal harms another? Pray, how can they humanly and possibly be present everywhere round-the-clock?

Why has no action been taken against this absolutely irresponsible and derelict doctor?

We request that action be taken against the Dr. in-charge of the Shelter for dereliction of duty, and showing extreme callousness towards the ailing animals, that  he is not only sworn, but also duty-bound to protect, and Vidhi Shukla and Vineet Arora be reinstated so that they can carry on taking care of the sick and ailing animals at the shelter, with the dedication and love they have always shown.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!