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To whom it may concern,

The citizens of Karachi with the help of animal welfare organisations such as Home Four Paw & Claw are trying desperately to bring an end to the culling of dogs in Karachi. 

We have a plan to curb your dog problem and we require your assistance to help make it happen in a humane way. We have shelters and other animal welfares on board to support us and we require nothing from Clifton Cantonment EXCEPT to put a STOP to shooting and poisoning dogs.

Our plan is simple, we will spay, neuter, give rabies shots and release the dogs in an area that is not an inconvenience for the residents of Karachi. It is our duty as human beings and Muslims to protect the voiceless creatures from being treated in such a heinous way. Shooting the dogs dead, most of them left half alive with bullet wounds dying a slow painful death, is not something we should even wish on our worst enemies. 

We understand that the stray dog population may be a "hazard" to those who are not animal lovers or animal friendly, but we have a sure shot way of solving the problem with the effective solution at hand.

We do not require any funds or man power or vehicles from CBC, ALL we require is for CBC to call off the culling.

We appeal to Mr Aziz Suharwardi and Brig. Malik Zaheer to meet with us to hear us out and let us put our humane plan into action. 

Please help us help the voiceless and put an end to this violence against the stray dogs of Karachi. 

Please read our plan below, a simple solution that works for everyone.


1. We provide numbers to CBC and other residents to call in case of a "dog problem" in the area

2. Upon calling those numbers, our teams of volunteers will come to the location and evacuate the dogs, get them spayed and neutered, given rabies shots and released in an area that is away from residents.

3. Injured dogs and puppies will be taken to shelters and treated there


1. The dog "problem" is being solved and dogs are being removed from areas where they are not welcome

2. The dogs are being spayed and neutered so they do not reproduce and therefore we are controlling the stray population

3. The dogs at hand are being taken to safety where they can live free of the fear of being shot dead. 

4. Helping the voiceless is our God given right, and it is being achieved

5. By giving us the freedom to save these dogs and not shooting them, you are playing a huge part in an act of kindness

Please help us mobilise this, it can only be if CBC stops shooting the dogs. PLEASE GRANT US THIS ONE AND ONLY REQUEST. 


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