A Call for the Removal of Paige Patterson from the Cedarville University Board of Trustees

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The Problem:

Dr. Paige Patterson has come under renewed scrutiny lately as it has been brought to light that he has encouraged abused women to stay with their abusive husbands, even to the point of excusing their abuse due to perceived repentance from the abuser. Another video has surfaced where Dr. Patterson sexualized an underaged girl as a sermon illustration to receive a laugh from the crowd. Our concern is that Dr. Patterson's seat on the Cedarville University Board of Trustees is a signal to the men in the faculty and staff, alumni community, and student body that as long as you are powerful and connected you can be complicit in the abuse of women without consequence. His seat also signals to women in the faculty and staff, the alumni community, and the student body that submission to your husband is more important than your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual safety and security. We are of the mind that Dr. Patterson should not have any leadership role due to these comments, but especially not one that serves to shape the hearts and minds of young people. As long as Dr. Patterson remains on the Board and the University remains silent, the Board of Trustees, Dr. Thomas White, and the President's Cabinet are condoning the abuse of women under Dr. Patterson's leadership and we will withdraw all support for the University, financial and otherwise.

We call for the immediate removal of Dr. Patterson from his leadership position at Cedarville University and a strong statement from the University condemning his words and actions.

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