Invite BB20's Tyler and Angela to compete on The Amazing Race

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Recently, events on the 20th Season of CBS's hit show Big Brother took a turn against the two contestants who, together, have been setting the pace of the season all summer. Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans. These two competitors, collectively known as "Tangela" for their romantic relationship ("showmance", as it is called by fans) now appear as though they will be separated, and likely fall short of a victory in the game, despite being dominant throughout the entire season up to this point.

They have achieved far reaching praise from fans and from former players, including popular "Big Brother Legends" like Rachel Reilly, Dan Gheesling, Derrick Levasseur, and Evel Dick. Among their high profile supporters is Jessica Graf, former winner of the Amazing Race, and Big Brother contestant before that. Graf, and her Big Brother "showmance" partner Cody Nickson (with whom she is now engaged to marry) went on to participate in the Amazing Race after losing their shot at victory on Big Brother. Their season of the Amazing Race received high ratings and a particularly large viewership, as the devoted Big Brother fandom followed them to the show in the hopes to see them succeed... and succeed they did. 

Like Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans are strong competitors with a large fan base on Big Brother, a fan base that would follow them to The Amazing Race eagerly, both to watch them as competitors and as a growing romance. Given the success of the last showing for a CBS Big Brother - Amazing Race crossover couple, we the undersigned believe it would be an exceptional idea for CBS to provide "Tangela" the chance to compete in a race around the world together on The Amazing Race in the future. We believe that this would be a great show of support to the fans of CBS reality TV, a great show of support for good gameplay on CBS to the competitors who grace it's shows, and a greatly profitable endeavour for CBS as a network. With that said, we the undersigned call upon CBS to consider casting Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans as contestants on the next available season of The Amazing Race, or, barring that, any season thereafter. Their expected loss on Big Brother, though only just announced, has been met with widespread disappointment and sadness by their fans and supporters worldwide, and a chance to compete on The Amazing Race would assuredly turn those feelings back around for all those who find themselves upset.

We thank the network, and all those involved in this decisions, for their time and patience in reading and considering this petition, and for providing us the greatest in reality TV!