Stop Government Funding of CBC

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CBC should not be government funded with Canadian citizens' tax dollars as it no longer serves the interest of the majority of Canadian citizens.  It is being used as a vehicle for the Liberal and NDP parties to force feed alt left wing propaganda to the public.  Instead of being a national asset CBC is a national upset and is posing a great risk to the future of Canada and all Canadians.  It needs to be privatized or dissolved.  A publicly funded news outlet has no business being biased and this can not continue.   It reminds me of how television works in North Korea or during the time of Nazi Germany.   We must put an end to this for the security of our future generations and insure that they have the freedom to make their own decisions based upon unbiased information.  It is disgraceful that this has been allowed to happen on such a large scale and that nothing has been done about it.  Don't allow this to continue : sign this petition and let's make a change together for the benefit of all Canadians.