Renew Burden Of Truth For S4

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This show is SO powerful! It's the most unique legal drama on TV and I think that's mostly because of the stories behind the cases. This show talks about so many important topics that often get swept under the rug, but Burden shines a light on those subjects in an honest way that helps give understanding and opens up conversations. 

Also, I have made such deep meaningful relationships through the shared love of this show because it shows what a lot of us have gone through ourselves and that we're not alone. So, I am so incredibly grateful for Burden giving me these amazing friendships and connecting me with people across the globe. (We even went on vacation together, ha)

And finally, this show hasn't just made an impact in Canada, but across the world. I run several fanpages for this show and I am constantly hearing from fans from all over, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil etc. about how much they want to see the show from what they've heard or clips they've seen. And I think it's so important to share the stories that Burden is showing. 

This show strips us down to the heart and helps us realize we are all the same underneath, we all struggle and we CAN change and be the difference we want to see in the world!