Cayman Taxis need to have meters

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'It is time to put an end to the lawless approach to taxi fares in the Cayman Islands. As a developed nation that constantly seeks to progress, it is high time to implement an electronic form of fare calculations for taxis to ensure stable and fair rates, which will impact the greater good of our community.'

Meters should be introduced by the government as a compulsory addition to all Taxi cabs, to ensure that both the taxi driver and the rider are given fair and accurate rates. The lack of transparency of Cayman Taxi fares is an embarrassment to our great nation. 

  • High and unpredictable taxi fares are the main reason for drunk driving in the Cayman Islands, resulting in many accidents, arrests and deaths each year (see Drunk Driving Cayman for more info.)
  • Tourists and locals alike consistently and frequently express their discontent with varying taxi fares, damaging our country's reputation with tourists (see this Cayman Compass article 'Taxi Fares a Concern for Tourism Industry')
  • Taxi fare tables are almost always ignored and not even visible in the taxis themselves
  • Taxi fare tables are far too general to provide an accurate fare (i.e. Airport to Seven Mile beach is a flat rate, but Seven Mile beach is a large area and so cannot be accurately charged for)
  • Tourists are forced to share taxis with drivers who then charge on a per person basis to maximize revenue, which is exploitative
  • Locals are often overcharged for short journeys, with differing 'minimum fares' depending on the driver
  • The final paid fare is often higher than the verbally pre-agreed fares

We are proposing to the Cayman Islands Government that it is in the best interests of its people to implement regulations that make it compulsory for all taxis to have working meters (in the form of either a physical meter or an electronic app) with the option for increased late night fares, and all fares be determined by the meter unless otherwise agreed before the journey starts. If a taxi does not have a working meter, tourists should be advised not to take the taxi and find a different one. 

We, as passengers and people of Cayman, recognize that taxi drivers need to make a living and get a fair rate too. Putting a metering system in place would ensure that everyone's best interests are taken care of.

Everyone deserves fair fares. 

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