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My name is Donielle Strickland. I am the mother of an amazing, smart, beautiful, talented young lady named Roxy. I am a veteran of the Coast Guard, my dad is a veteran of the Navy, my brother is Coast Guard, my aunt is Air force, my grandfather is Navy and my husband is retired Air force. This being said, my daughter has dreamed of the day she would graduate from high school, turn 18 and join the Navy. And she did just that.                On July 27th of this year, I watched that amazing child of mine, swear in and walk out to an airplane to begin her journey.

                Two weeks into boot camp I received a phone call from her (Aug 16th). She was in tears. And not the normal, mom I miss you and this place sucks tears; it was the, there was a loud pop in my back during PT and am now my kidneys are not doing good because of the medication they gave me. She was sick and in pain. And the only concern that she had, was that they were going to send her home and not finish. My daughter is a fighter. She does not give up. She explained to me what the dr's were doing to her at sick bay. She referred to her treatments as transfusions and  a medication that she had to drink. This process took three hours per day and made her very sick. This happened a week before she was allowed to call home. It is very hard to get information from a hysterical child. No matter what their age may be. She explained to me that she would be seeing a specialist the next day to determine if she would be allowed to stay and finish the remainder of boot camp. She told me that if I do not hear from her she was able to stay. I waited and prayed.

                On the evening of Aug. 17th, I received another call from Roxy. They were discharging her. She was too sick because of her kidneys and potassium level was dangerously low.  Her dreams were shattered. I wish this is where I could end this letter and say that we have moved on with our life.

                The next phone call I received from her was the morning of the 20th. I was able to calm her down and begin to ask her all the important questions that I could think of. Like where are you? Did they do an MRI on you? How are your kidneys? How are you feeling in general? She told me that she was having a hard time even washing her hair because her arms would go numb. That her back hurt so bad that she could barely stand the pain. That there was a shooting pain that would go up her back into her neck. She told me that she had an appointment with medical later that day. I told her to request a copy of all her medical reports and to sign the proper paperwork including HIPPA and well as updating her privacy act forms so that I could have access to all her records. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I contacted Thomas A Wagoner, LtCol USMC Retired to seek out information as to what would happen form that day forward. He sent me some point of contacts there in Great Lakes, IL. Including a JAG attorney (if needed) as well as the number to the Liaison, Mr Sengco. I made contact with Mr Sengco and was able to express my concerns regarding her back and her kidneys. I was very compliant and understanding. And told me that he would be able to have my daughter call after her medical briefing.   

        The next day, I received yet another phone call from my daughter. She was beside herself. They      looked into her civilian medical records and found a Rx for a script used for chronic migraines. Which she doesn't have. Her Dr wanted to prescribe her an Rx for birth control to help regulate her periods and symptoms. Including headaches and cramping. I, as her mom. Said no. There were too many side effects. So I asked they gave her something else. I still have the bottle on my bathroom counter. Full. We tried something else. More natural. My point is, they are trying to discharge her on false enlistment. I know it's called something else. But its late and my brain has shut off.

       After her legal briefing on Aug 28th,  she called me before she signed the papers. I know that the past four weeks in SEPS have been hell on my daughter. She has seen one female take a razor blade out of her shaving razor and attempt suicide. Females in her separation division are having "relations" at night. And in my daughters words "they are loud". She can't tell anyone what's going on because she is afraid of what will happen to her. She sits on her rack and cries in pain. And alone. She was told that day,  that if she didn't sign the discharge papers, it could take 8-12  weeks for her to get home. I can't have her there that long. She will never make it. Mentally, emotionally or physically. I told her to sign them. And that we would fight this when she got home. I spoke to the JAG attorney and explained that Roxy will not make it there in SEPS for another 2-3 months. And that I informed her to sign the discharge papers. The JAG attorney TOLD both  Roxy and I, that if she signed the papers (8/28) She would be home that next week. That was two weeks ago. I have sent many messages to not only Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Patty Murry, Kevin Parker and Maria Cantwell.

      On Thursday, September 3rd, I got another phone call from my daughter. She hadn't been signed again. They told her it would be another 2-3 weeks before she could come home. Even the, they have told her that her papers have been sitting on the Captains desk since the day after she signed them!!!! She was also told that, due to one of the females doing something wrong in the barracks, all females in her division have lost their "privileges". Which includes calling home and being able to message their families and loved ones. Which I pay for! Inmates have more rights!

      I called and left more messages and emailed more people in my entire life that day. I immediately contacted Thomas A Wagoner to ask for his help. He got in contact with Mr Sengco and was able to make it possible for Roxy to at least message me for a couple minutes over the weekend.  I am fed up. I am hoping and praying this all makes séance. I am very tired and stressed out. But I will not stop fighting for my daughters rights and to get her home. And now. I will be on the first plane come Wednesday morning if I do not get the answers that I want.

        I don't even know if you can help my daughter in any way. But at the end of the day, I do not ever want to see another young adult, who has done nothing but dream about joining the military, get screwed over by our not so great government. Mainly, Great Lakes Navy boot camp.  

        If there is, in any way you could help my daughter, I am begging, please help her. Please help me get my baby girl home. I have never asked for help in my entire life as hard as I am now.

I do thank you for your time. I hope to hear from someone. Even if it is to say good luck.


A heartbroken mom,

Donielle Strickland

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