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Bring attention to pollution caused by freight shipping

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We all use shipping to receive our online-ordered products. However, do we really think about how these items get sent to us? Almost 90% of the products we order online are shipped to us via the ocean, yet most of us don't even know how much this impacts the environment.

Each year, the global shipping fleets account for over 1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, representing 4.5% of all carbon emissions in the world. One large freight carrier’s air pollution per year is equal to that of 50 million cars. If we were to decommission just one of these freighters, the world would be a much cleaner place. Additionally, every year, cruise ships dump over 3.8 billion litres of waste into our ocean waters. Cruise ships only represent a small fraction of all the ships in the world, and represent an equally small portion of the total amount of waste dumped into our water by ships annually giving an idea at how huge this problem really is.

I believe that if the Canadian government were to impose stricter sanctions on all of the ships polluting our seas, we can somehow slow down or even fully stop this wasteful process. This initiative lies in your hands - to alert our government, as well as the other countries in the world to this climate risk, and to bring light to the numerous injustices committed at sea. I trust that once this neglected issue is brought to the attention of Canada, we can set an example for the world to follow and be the leading figures to stop this destructive problem once and for all.

I implore you to be the first to address this overlooked global affair, and to help make Canada the role model the world needs at this perilous time. I hope that in 20 years, I will not have to worry about how my items are being sent to me. I hope that I will not have to feel the same sense of concern as I do today whenever I look into the ocean, and I hope you feel the same way too. I urge you, the reader, to support this petition in the hopes of gaining the attention of our government, so together, we can help end climate change once and for all.

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