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demand Cartoon Diversity

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Christina G started this petition to Cartoon Network

There are 24 hrs each day.  Most viewers of Cartoon Network aren't watching for that long--maybe even just less than half of that.  And not continuously either.  So an hour here...a half hour there.  But these days, the majority of households have tv's with DVR capability. 

With that said, I think it's time to convince The Powers That Be of Cartoon Network to fix their daily programming.  Surely by now they have PLENTY of toons, new and old to show in half hour blocks during the 24 hr period and still have LOADS of toons that won't get aired as much--there are that many shows now. 

I have done some research using Zap2It (an online tv guide), to show you a break down of how many times a cartoon is shown during the week (Sunday through Saturday ), sometimes it's the same couple of episodes. 

Teen Titans Go:  84

Amazing World of Gumball:  43

Uncle Grandpa: 19

Steven Universe: 18

Regular Show:  12

Clarence:  12  (Monday and Saturday only)

Adventure Time: 8

Pokemon XY: 7 (once every morning)

Looney Tunes classic:  5 (once every morning, weekday only)

Tom and Jerry classic:  5 (once every morning, weekday only)

Tom and Jerry Show:  5  (once every morning, weekday only)

Sonic Boom: 4 (weekends only)

Legends of Chima: 2  (weekends only)


Of that list, Pokemon XY is only reruns.

Sonic Boom airs a new ep on Saturday.

Thursday is the lineup of new episodes for Gumball, Uncle Granpda, Teen Titans Go, Steven Universe,  Adventure Time and Regular Show.

Saturdays and Sundays, they usually show a movie.  Sometimes it's not even a CARTOON. (Diary of a Wimpy Kid or a live action Scooby Doo movie or a live action Ben 10 movie). And the majority of the time it's a CGI movie (Shrek, Open Season, Ice Age, etc)

So for the rest of the time slots, it's reruns.  Even their movies are shown repeatedly back to back.   Maybe we should call this channel the Rerun Network?

Please note that the above shows normally run from 6am to 8pm daily, when Adult Swim takes over.  So you have even less of the 24 hours for regular family cartoons. 

I would recommend lowering some of the repeat airings of the current toons.  (Do we really need to see the same episodes of Teen Titans Go 80+ times?)  Perhaps if time needs to be filled, dust off some of the classic toons... PowerPuff Girls, Ed Edd and Eddy, Misadventures of Flapjack, Chowder, Foster's home for Imaginary Friends..and many more!

So please sign this petition, join with me...and let Cartoon Network know that we want cartoon diversity! 

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This petition had 1,838 supporters

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