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Ever since it came out in 2003, TEEN TITANS has been a noticeable cornerstone in how cartoons are to be done. Because of how it was able to balance ACTION, COMEDY, AND DRAMA, this show was a success, earning audience and critical acclaim, earning Annie Award Nominations (I don't know how it didn't win) and still maintaining a broad fan base even to this day. So it is confusing to know that with all of this going for this show, that there was not a Season 6 produced.

Where the show left off, there were a lot of unanswered questions that we all sadly didn't get resolutions to. It also sounds weird knowing that there was actual fan outcry begging for the show to be renewed.... only to still be cancelled. Now you may be thinking "It was a long run and it was time to focus on other things". Yes it was a long, going for 65 episodes and a TV movie, which in all honesty is impressive for a show like this.

For years we got new shows on the network, some were good, some were meh, but it can be safe to say that they were mostly watchable, which is something good for the network. And then I remember seeing a promo for a new show called TEEN TITANS GO! I admitted I was curious at first, knowing I was a fan of the original show it was kinda odd seeing something that I knew was very different from the original material. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited in this show. I even looked it up, and I saw that the original voice actors were back, so that's when I knew for sure that I was going to watch it. Deep down I thought it was going to be like those shows with very cartoony art styles but deep down have a very serious tone like other shows from that time (I'll leave it open so people who see this can make their own examples).

When the show finally came out in April of 2013, I had a mixed reaction to what I've watched, but It didn't matter, because I knew that my favorite team of heroes were back on the screen. As I continued to tune in, I began to slowly feel more negative to the show. Watching it was a relieve for my young nostalgia needing mind, but I soon found myself turning back to the original TV Series. And then later, I soon found myself distancing myself from the GO! series all together. As of writing this, I have not seen a new episode for over a year (maybe longer), only catching accidental airings when the DVR gets other shows mixed up.

But enough about my experience. I feel that I'm not the only one who has felt the way that they've had because of this show. Some may have taken time while other knew immediately that this show wasn't for them, and that drew attention to the original series as well. I think it is also safe to assume that thanks to GO!, more people know about the original series than before, and I feel this could also be due to the younger audience that got interested in knowing what the original series was given the curiosity and viewership surrounding GO! And that is why I feel it is important to bring it back now, while the fandom of both shows are still showing interest.

And how I propose this could be done is by having it run new episodes on [Adult Swim]... more specifically during its TOONAMI Block. Now it may sound strange having a kids show running on a block that mostly has a mature audience, but let us not forget we recently had a show on TOONAMI that A) Got cancelled too soon leaving everything unresolved. B) Has a dedicated fan-base that grew only larger and demanding closure. and C) was able to come back while also making more mature themes while at the same time being open for both young and old fans alike and gather much more acclaim for exploring these themes, and still maintain the level of Comedy, Action, Character Development, and Drama that made us feel close to the main character... And that show was SAMURAI JACK!!!!

Samurai Jack when it came back early 2017, was a very different show from it first aired from 2001-2004. We can tell it was more action packed, there were bigger stakes, and more violence that was grounded in reality (MAJOR EXAMPLE BEING HUMAN KILLS AND BLOOD BEING SHOWN). So Samurai Jack is pretty much the best case scenario of a show coming back thanks to fan involvement, and also the creator getting involved saying that he wanted to come back and finish it the way he wanted to. And in a year where it was announced or planned that old NickToons would come back as TV MOVIES (Hey Arnold!, Rocko's Modern Life, Invader Zim), and also another Superhero TV show that aired on the Network coming back in the near future(Young Justice) on what I hope is either the network or on a Digital Platform, It should be considered that the network should bring back its popular shows to feel the true nostalgia for the fans and give fans the closure that they need from the original story the original series told.

Now I have to say the decision is not just up to you, but it is also up to the original cast, crew, and creator to see if they have it in them to continue it. But what this petition does is show them all that we're all not done yet. And hopefully after they see this neither are they.

Sign this petition to say you want to see a 6th Season of Teen Titans, and share it to everyone you know to help get the word across!!! Hopefully this is enough for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim to listen to us!!!