CarPlay and Android Auto retrofitting on Mercedes-Benz cars

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We ask that Mercedes-Benz retrofits CarPlay and Android Auto to all compatible vehicles. We want the slogan “The best or nothing” lasts more than one year from the date of purchase.

Today we usually see our hardware products, for instance mobile phones, updated with new software for free. Our expensive cars, instead, are completely abandoned a few months after purchase. These cars are surely candidates for an early devaluation.

CarPlay and Android Auto are the smart and affordable way to keep your car communication software updated for free. When it becomes aged, it’s no longer able to communicate properly because lack of recognizing new file formats, voice commands, music streaming protocols etc. It also solves the problem of on-board navigation systems which have old maps after just a couple of months. The maps applications on iOS and Android are instead updated in real time and represent the future of navigation systems.

Adapting new software to old hardware costs some money to invest. This is a cost that we are willing to pay in order not to see our cars become obsolete so quickly. Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz seems currently much more focused on selling new vehicles rather than support its loyal customers.

The forums are full of disheartened customers who said to have spent 300 ~ 1000 $ to perform an unauthorized upgrade to their communication system in order to enable CarPlay or Android Auto. This expensive upgrades will void the warranty of their cars.

Below is a comparison between two NTG Audio 20 bundled with similar cars of series A Class, B Class, CLA Class or GLA Class:

NTG Audio 20 built as of 2015
LU: A246 900 99 16
HW: A246 901 11 06

NTG Audio 20 built as of 2016
LU: A246 900 23 18
HW: A246 901 11 06

The hardware is the same, but software injected is different because of building date; the second one has CarPlay and Android Auto software inside. Any Mercedes-Benz dealer could performs a firmware upgrade to the car’s NTG enabling the requested features by just running Star Diagnostic thru the OBD2 port.

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