Wanderers Plan - Halifax Lancers

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Bella O’keefe started this petition to Carolle Koziak Roberts and

The city of Halifax is undergoing a new Master Plan for the Commons and just released the draft plans. As the Lancers’ stables are part of the Wanderer’s Grounds, we are going to be impacted by this plan. The plan includes new buildings for both the Wanderer's Grounds and the Halifax Lawn-Bowling Club, while taking space away from Lancers. Lancers is the only tenant of this land that uses the space every day, 365 days per year, and Bell road has been Lancers’ home since 1942. 

The plan includes changes that would impact us greatly: 

Removal of our Bell Road parking lot
A small shared parking lot will be behind our indoor arena that is not accessible to our front door  
No guaranteed parking spaces
No accessible access to the stables for our Therapeutic Riders 
Removing the Bell Road parking lot means we have no way of receiving hay and shavings deliveries and manure removal 
Our outdoor ring will be significantly smaller 
Our outdoor ring and indoor arena will be surrounded by a public sidewalk that separates the indoor and outdoor arenas. All riders will need to cross this for each lesson which increases safety risk for the public as well as our riders and horses
Our horses’ safety can be jeopardized by this during turn out

As you can see changes to the Wanderers Grounds would significantly negatively impact the horses and community of Bengal Lancers. Minimizing the already extremely little space the horses occupy would greatly hinder their living conditions. The horses would also suffer additional consequences due to the inaccessibility of manure removals and shaving/hay deliveries, created by the new Wanderers plan.

As a community, our Board, staff, riders, and volunteers have worked so hard over the past four years to reimagine and reconfigure Lancers to be a genuine community and historic institution that serves its members and the wider Halifax community through horsemanship. We are currently the only non-profit urban stable operating in Canada and we see this proposal as a significant threat to Lancers and its many positive impacts on the wider Halifax community. You can help by completing this survey https://www.shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/halifax-common-master-plan/survey_tools/halifax-common-master-plan 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!