Make bullying a criminal offence

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As many of you will know, there was a video on social media of a school bullying dragging another girl by her ponytail while it is filmed by another girl under the stairwell in Carnoustie High School. In the film, there are witnesses who are laughing and encouraging the bullying to go on. The only punishment these bullies got was a three-day suspension and their breaks taken away for a couple of days. However, this punishment is not enough to do justice for the victim. I want a stance to be taken by the school and Angus Council by getting the police involved to charge them with assault and for the school to expel the bullies from school and ban them from school property. Their current stance proves that school bullying does not make sense as if an adult did this in any public place they would be arrested, charged and prosecuted resulting in a criminal record that would ruin their life.